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Why Choose Joshua Aura e-Learning Classes:

  • At Joshua Aura Mentorship Academy excellence is part of our daily life. To accommodate this we have created a unique e-Learning experience that will equip you with the tools to not just pass the exams, but also be the best and most confident in the accounting field. All conducted in a flexible online tuition platform.


  • We deliver classes at your office desk, home, In traffic, on your phone, through your Laptop, Tablet or even a normal Personal Computer anywhere anytime, you can access your Interactive classes.


  • We believe that success lies in the combination of theoretical skills and practical experience. We also believe that each individual has a hidden talent that needs to be nurtured to achieve success. Our personal approach aims to help you identify your unique skills and to develop new ones. By being also able to meet and discuss with other students online.


  • We are committed to work as a team of diverse, forward thinking professionals to help you achieve your career goals in the shortest time possible. We measure our success by yours. Train with us, in return, you will gain knowledge and experience that you will value throughout your life


  • We save you the trouble and worry of having to keep your career on hold due to work study related pressure, or even the headache of rushing in traffic or even always excusing yourself from work to rush to evening college classes, just to end there to copy notes. Now you can have classes anywhere anytime at your convenience.


  • We also ensure that you don't hold that professional paper due to costs implications, we provide you quality learning content and interactive platform at a very cheap price to enable you make your dreams come true.



>  Upon getting activated, when you login, you will be able to access:


>  Full comprehensive study notes.


>  Full comprehensive revision packs - with questions and answers, (unless stated otherwise).


>  Regular Quizes, CATS to evaluate the students progress.


>  Multi-media learning resources eg, Videos, audios, articles etc and any other extra learning resource that will enrich the students learning process.


>  Access to an online tutor for open online discussions within your course.


>  Open discussion sessions with other fellow students undertaking similar papers. These discussions can take place anytime, anywhere between students without necesarily having an online tutor.


>  You get real time interactive sessions with a tutor and fellow students from anywhere anytime.


>  You will be able to access your classes even through your mobile phone through Sukuul e-Learning Center mobile App available for free download from google play store.


>  Flexibility to study and work.


>  Train with the best, you definatelly become the best in the New Technological Era.




To enroll for any of the courses below, you can send.


a) Drop an email expressing Interest to enroll and study at the email address:         ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


b) You can also call us on: +254-721-620-183  





F1/FAB Accountant in Business       

Kshs  5,000.00  

F2/MA Management Accounting    

Kshs  5,000.00  
F3/FA- Financial Accounting       Kshs  5,000.00  
F4- Corporate and Business Law (English)         Kshs  5,500.00  
F5-Performance Management        Kshs  5,500.00 
F6- Taxation (Uk)       Kshs  5,500.00 
F7-Financial Reporting (INT)        Kshs  5,500.00 
F8-Audit and Assurance      Kshs  5,500.00 
F9- Financial Management     Kshs  5,500.00 
P1- Governance, Risk and Ethics      Kshs  5,500.00 
P2- Corporate Reporting (INT)      Kshs  5,500.00 
P3- Business Analysis      Kshs  5,500.00 
P4- Advanced Financial Management       Kshs  5,500.00 
P5- Advanced Performance Management    Kshs  5,500.00 
P7- Advanced Audit And Assurance (INT)  

Kshs  5,500.00 



Strategy, Governance and Ethics (Sec 5) Kshs  5,500.00 



 Financial Accounting Kshs  3,500.00 
Commercial Law  Kshs  3,500.00  
Entrepreneurship and Communication  Kshs  3,500.00  
Economics  Kshs  3,500.00  
Management Accounting  Kshs  3,500.00  
Public Finance and Taxation  Kshs  3,500.00  
Company Law  Kshs  3,500.00  
Financial Management  Kshs  3,500.00  
Financial Reporting  Kshs  3,500.00  
Auditing and Assurance  Kshs  3,500.00  
Management Information Systems  Kshs  3,500.00  
Quantitative Analysis  Kshs  3,500.00  
Strategy, Governance and Ethics  Kshs  3,500.00  
Advanced Management Accounting  Kshs  3,500.00  
Advanced Financial Management  Kshs  3,500.00  
Advanced Public Finance and Taxation  Kshs  3,500.00  
Advanced Auditing and Assurance  Kshs  3,500.00  
Advanced Financial Reporting  Kshs  3,500.00  


For any further questions you can contact us on:


 Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Support:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CALL: +254-721-620-183   or: +254-720-93-76-98