Business Operations Management

Business Operations Management


Operations Management is the activity of managing the resources which produce and deliver goods and services. Operations can be seen as one of many functins, eg, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource, within the organisation. The operations function can be described as that part of the organisation devoted to the productioon r delivery of goods and services. This means all organisations undertake operations activities because every organisation produces goods and or services.


The course outline is as below:




                                                     BUSINESS  OPERATIONS  MANAGEMENT 

                TOPIC                            SUB - TOPIC
Business Operation Management

What is Operations Management

Manufacturing and Services Operation

Systems view of Operations Management

The Process view of Organisations.

Operations Strategy

What is a Strategy

Levels of Strategy

The Role of Operations in Strategy Development

Operations Competitive Priorities.

Product Design and Process Selection

Generating Ideas

Product Screening

Preliminary design: Final design

Methods for Improving Product Design

Process Selection.

Total Quality Management

Cost of quality

The quality system

Causes of Variations

Assignable causes of Variations; Types of Control Charts.

Supply Chain Management

Fluctuations in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Procurement

Supply Chain Distribution

JIT and Lean Systems

Eliminating Wastes

Continous Improvement; JIT Pull Systems

Identifying Capacity Requirements

Evaluating Capacity Plans.

Facility Location and Layout

Facility Location; Location Factors

Layout Design ; Designing products Layouts through Line Balancing.

Work Systems Design

Job Enlargement ; Job Enrichment

Implementation of work Design Approaches

Methods Analysis ; Motion study

Work Measurements and the Learning Curves.

Project Management

Project Management Activities

Project Network Analysis

Monitoring and Evaluations guidelines

Inventory Management

Dependent Demand

Independent Demand

Types of Inventory

Inventory Decisions

The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model.

The Re-Order Point (ROP) Model

The ABC Inventory Classification System



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