How Online Tuition Works for Students



With SUKUUL Online Tuition Center (SOTC), we deliver learning in an interactive and friendly mode.  You don't need to travel to attend physical boring classes at fixed times. With SOTC, you just log-on and learn, anytime, anywhere, anytimes you want. All you need is only an Internet connection.


How it Works:


We have categorised students as follows:

 a) Primary School Students

b) Secondary School Students.

c) I.G.C.S.E Students.

d) Diploma and Certificate Courses Students.

e) Undergraduate and Post-graduate Course Students.

f) Professional Examinations Students.

g) Corporate Training Students.


We will explain below how each category works.


For students in category a, b, c and f, above (i,e, Primary school, secondary school, IGCSE and Professional Examination  students), their are two modes of Enrollement:


i) You can Log-on through your institution or school, where you will need to use your student ID to login.


- For this we mean, you will be given a username and password from your school, and this will only happen, if your school or institution has been incorporated into our group of online schools.( click here to confirm)


- You will get all the login details from your school to enable you access all the materials and engage in the online tutorial sessions.


- Your current school teacher will be or remain your tutor or online teacher in this online class sessions.


- If your institution is not by any chance listed with us, kindly drop us an email inquirying about this or sending us the details at "talk to us".


ii) As an independent Student : These are students who are not attached to any learning institution, they conduct their studies independently.


- These students, you will need to register by filling in this registration form: (Register Here).


- If you have no email, kindly get in touch with us for a guide on how to go about that, "asks us from here"


- Once your registration is complete and our administrator activate your account and send you login details, then, you can log-on to start your online tuition classes.


For; Diploma, Certificate and Undergraduate and post-graduate students, you can access the Online classes by following these basic steps:


i) Select the Institution or College you are interested in, and the courses they offer. To know the colleges already hosted online, kindly check  "HERE"


ii) When you find the college and course you are interested in, you will fill up the "registration  form fully".


iii) when your college picks up your form of registration, they will follow you up, upon payments with the university, we will then activate your account from which you can now login and access all the powerful tools of Sukuul online tuition center.


- Again if by any chance the college you are interested in is not listed, kindly talk to us, and we will be glad to include them on our online platform.


Corporate  Training Students:


The registration process is very simple:

i) Select the course you are interested in "HERE".


ii) Then fill in the 'Registration here" form


iii) Login to your email to activate your email, then make the payments for the course selected.


iv) when your payments will be confirmed, the admin will send you clear login-details to start you training sessions.


v) And thats all. when you login, everything is already set up for you.



What BENEFITS awaits you when you register as an ONLINE students:


i) It reduces travel time and costs for off-campus students.


ii) Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and internet connection.


iii) With the self-paced study/ learning modules, everystudent gets to study at their own pace, both fast learners and slow learners too.


iv) Students can attempt an assignment and get online feedback and tutor support more easily without attending any classes.


v) The student can involve each other in a kind of conference online, where they can share a debate on a certain topic without having to have a pysical face-to-face meeting. thus being to learn more.


vi) A student can book a one-on-one tutorial session with the teacher for any remedial sessions regardless of their location.


vii) Students can share and engage each other in a certain topic with students who are not necessarily their schoolmates, eg, all form 4 students enrolled for KCSE exams in Kenya can have a common discussion together, regadles if one is in Marsabet and the other is in Kisumu or Juba.


viii) Students can get help from their parents in doing homework, even when the parents are still busy late working in the office, this helps parents keep track of their students studies.


ix) No more worries of holiday tuition considering that even after schools close, students and teachers can still continue normal online learning.


x) Incase of teacher strike or any unrest that could affect the learning process, with this mode of learning, students will still continue with their learning regadless.


xi) Any discussion a students participates in, any CAT or graded assignment they undertake, the grades are clearly  and automatically updated in their grades book, this helps students and parents keep track of their performances and general study progress.


This is where the world is moving to, dont allow yourself to be left behind, take the opportunity to make your lost dreams come true at the comfort of your home or office.


You have no more excuses not to make your academic dreams come true, talk to us today to get started.


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