How Online Tuition Works for Teachers

We at SUKUUL Online Tuition Center (SOTC), we bring education at your doorsteps. We take the teachers work outside the classroom, we allow the teachers to access and monitor the students classroom participation, they are able to continously engage their students in normal learning sessions online. The teacher makes learning fun and enjoyable, with group as well as personalised student attention.

With the new demands on the teachers performance, and the many challenges that teachers go through trying to meet all the demands, we have come up with a system that ensures that we lift that pressure from the teachers shoulders. We are here to bring a new experience to teachers on how to make the teaching experience fun and enjoyable for them and their students, and also easing the demands to perform by providing easy tools that makes their job easier through the online tuition center.

What is required to access the system:
  • NO FEE is charged to the teachers to use the system. They access the system for FREE through their students or schools respective accounts.

  • The teacher only need to ensure that their school is in the online tuition center institutions lists. If the school is already hosted here online, then, the teachers accounts are also active, meaning teachers can login too. If your Institution or  school is not listed, kindly do let us know by droping us an email at "talk to us"


What are the Benefits of this to the Teachers:

  • The teacher is able to post all study materials for their respective courses for students to access and start studying at their convenience.


  • Its possible for teacher to post audio notes and video recorded clips for students to upload and view at their own convenient times.


  • The teacher is able to set CATS and Assignment for students to attempt, with auto-marked solutions which the teacher does not need to mark himself.


  • Teachers can start a discussion with students on a certain topic or area and monitor students feedback and input and he is able to give feedback on their contributions appropriately.


  • The teacher is able to prepaire a full calendar or diary for his subject accessible to the students and parents, which will enable the students to know what dates to note for assignments and CATS submissions, this ensures a smooth learning process for parents and students alike.


  • Teachers are now able to have sessions with the parents and discuss important issues on the students perfommance and making any relevant recomendations.


  • Teachers are able to engage in common teacher-to-teacher discussions expecially teachers of the same school without necessarily meeting in the  staffroom anymore.


  • We have opened up for teachers in a certain education system to be able to link up and have common discussion with peer teachers on a common discussion forum. eg, All secondary school teachers in Kenya are able to meet up and have a discussion and share out relevant information in their respective areas openly. This will ensure that a secondary school teacher in Wajir, will be able to share notes with a teacher in Kisumu and Nairobi comfortably. This is going to open up the learning process for teachers.


  • The teacher is also able to have personalised session with individual students.


  • Some parents will be comfortable allowing the students current teachers to offer the holiday and remedial tuition sessions better than outsiders, this will help the teacher make some extra dollars from the tuitions.


  • Teachers involved in research fields can always seek information and feedback from their fellow teachers in different locations, and enable free sharing of knowledge and information in the teaching fraternity.


  • This system empowers the teachers and makes their job easier and more interesting. 


  • To enjoy all these benefits, just ensure that the school you are associated or attached to is listed in our online programs.




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