How Online Tuition Works for Parents

We at SUKUUL Online Tuition Center (SOTC), we bring education at your doorsteps. We take the parents inside their child's classroom, we allow the parent to access and monitor the child's classroom participation, they are able to check the students performance in CATS and Assignments too.

With the busy job demands and high standards of living, parents have little time to monitor their child's school progress. We are here to bring a new experience to parents on their childrens academic progress through the online tuition center.

What is required to access the system:
  • NO FEE is charged to the parents to use the system. They access the system for FREE through their students respective accounts.


  • The parents only need to ensure that their child is in the online tuition sessions through their respective schools. If the childs school is already hosted here online, then, the students accounts are also active, meaning parents too can login too. If your childs school is not listed, kindly do let us know by droping us an email at "talk to us"


  • For private students, the parents get activated when their child has paid the required access fee, upon which they can then request to be activated as parents to the students. We only allow two parent access per child.


What are the Benefits of this to the Parents:
  • The parent can view the students grades and class performance in CATS and Assignments.


  • The parents can view how active the child is in class discussions with fellow students and teacher initiated discussions.


  • The parent can have a discussion session with the students teacher on the students progress in class and anything related to their studies.


  • Parents can  engage their kids in a discussion by helping them in doing their homework even while the parent is still in the office and the child is at home.


  • Parents also get the chance to engage in Parents and  Teachers Associations (PTA), discussions with fellow parents and school administration  on matters relavant to students progress whether academic and non academic activities.


  • The parents get to check all the students semester or term calendor of events as planned by the school administration, thus helping the parents to keep informed on all their students activities.


  • When schools go on strike, the parents can still keep their students engaged through their teachers and fellow students through the SOTC, since here we never go on strike, neither do we ever close for holidays.


  • We are ensuring you have no more excuses for not monitoring your childs academic progress anymore, but we giving you the tools to take you straight to the child's classroom and monitor their study progress. Make use of these tools, let not take a back-seat anymore and give the teachers the full responsibility of our students academic progress, lets now jump in and take part.



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