How Online Tuition Works for Schools



The world is a global village today. Education is no longer a preserve of the few, its importance and relevance is universally acknowledged in the modern technological world.


Learning institutions that have prioritised quality  of their training resources receive students all over the world.


At SUKUUL Online Tuition Center (SOTC), we come on board to help you carry your institutions message out of your school walls and fly your name globally. All you need to do is create a nitch for yourself as a quality institution and students all over the world will enroll with your institution. We have come on board to do exactly that for you, to give you the wings to fly, to reach the students all over the world.


what we offer your Institution:

  • We will provide all the support services to set your institution online, you dont have to worry a thing, we will take care of all that.


  • We take care of all technical and maintenance services on your behalf of having your institution running online. All you  need to do is just enlist your institution with us.


  • We allow your students and teachers to have online tutorial sessions anytime, anyplace for anytimes they want.


  • Parents with students enlisted or enrolled with your institution are able to moonitor their children academic progress through the online system.


  • The school administration is able to actively engage the parents and staff on all topical issues, and ensure a combined effort of all educational steakholders leading to a smooth and successful learning process.


  • Incase the teachers go on strike, your students learning process will continue uninterupted,  since learning takes place round the clock through the Online training platform here at Sukuul online tuition center, where we dont go on holiday, we always are here to ensure we keep your students fully engaged.


  • The school is able to post a clear school calendor of events and activities for a full year, visible to parents, teachers and students, this will ensure proper planning by all parties involved and ensuring a smooth learning environment without any surprises.


  • The costs of this mode of tuition is the cheapest, this will greatly reduce your institutions operational costs and other logistical costs associated with conducting learning physically unlike the online tuition where you dont need physical classes to conduct learning sessions.


  • You dont need any IT department or any servers or independent website to benefit from all this, we will take full care of all this on your behalf. Just sit back, register or enlist your institution with us, and watch us do the rest for you.


  • You cant afford to miss this chance, join the elearning leaders and we will fly your institution high.


  • Talk to us today to get full information  and any clarification on the set-up and training of your teachers on how to use the system.


  • We will be honored to serve you and fly high with you.




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