Online Corporate Training


With the changing Organizational and Management dynamisms, every organization finds itself at the cross-roads trying to balance its corporate objectives, employees training demands and other challenging economic and competitive operation environments.


With the emergency of technology, learning is not delivered anymore, but it is accessed.


We at MCUAC Online Corporate Training Center have developed a learning management system that will empower and enable appropriate learning for individual employees and trainers alike according to their specific career needs.


We have taken the initiative to provide up-to date modern day best practice courses in different areas, these best practice courses can and will add value to your employees.


We allow you to give the employees the power to empower themselves through continuous training.


These courses are all conducted online, employees subscribed to the programmes through their employers or even independent trainers and individuals can login at anytime, undertake any course of interest to them. The students after completing the course can attempt review questions, and upon attaining the minimum pass rate grade, they can then print a certificate as proof of work completed.


Courses Offered:


The courses offered are as Indicated below. Click each course to get more information below:




























































Benefits of This mode of Learning to Employees/Employers;

  •  The students can access the learning courses at comfort of their workstations or off workstations anytime.


  •  It reduces costs of training for organizations.


  •  It empowers the employees to take charge of their career growth by registering to study at their convenience anytime, anyplace at their comfort.


  •  It improves the productivity of the employees, since they can continuously keep abreast on improving their skills through continuous studying.


  •  It saves organizations of its quality time that is mostly spent in training employees off work bases.


  •   Employees can hold periodic discussions online among themselves, where the experienced employees can take the opportunity to share their skills with other employees, encouraging peer learning.



These courses are assessable in whole as a package at a fixed fee, or they can be assessed by trainers who may purchase a license to use them for an year, after which they are subject to renewal of the License.


For those who would want to access each course independently, you can do so by visiting the page with each course independently. Kindly follow this link and choose the course you would be interested in  “choose programme”.


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