Negotiation Skills


Being able to influence and persuade others to get them to do what you want them to do is a ley skill not only in business but in life as a whole.We only achieve real results through others and that takes effective communication skills.


This is why persuasion and influence are actually forms of advanced communication. They require that you as a communicator stop thinking about what you want to say or how you want to say it, and that you instead figure out what the other person needs to hear.


It requires that you are self-aware enough to recognize when you are doing what feels most comfortable for you rather than what will produce the results that you want. It also requires that you remain calm and confident enough to keep trying to identify what it is that the other persons needs to hear from you, even when it seems that you dont have a chance of getting the other person to your side.


The Topics to cover in this course includes:



                                             NEGOTIATION SKILLS 

    TOPICS        SUB - TOPICS
Communication Skills

The Communication Process;

Influence and Persuasion Skills

Manipulations vs Influence and Persuasion ; Establishing Rapport as a Means of Influence and Persuasion.

Influencing and Persuading.

Types of Inputs ; Filters ; Verbal Clues ;

Internal Map, Internal State and Behavior or Response ; Visual Representation System.

Audio Representation System; Kinaesthetic Representational System

Auditory Digital Representational System; Eye Movement as an Indication

Techniques of Building Rapport

Six steps of Building Rapport ; Calibration

Linguistic Tools for Influence and Persuasion


Applying Persuasion and Influence Techniques.

Rank's Intensify and Downplay Model ; 

Monroe's Motivated Sequence of Persuasion Steps.

The Integrity Principle

Influence and Persuasion in Sales

Establishing a Basis for Persuasion in Sales

Persuasion During Negotiations

Adopt the Correct Altitude; Know Your Ultimate Conditions.

















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