Effective Time Management




"Time is money, and speed is the currency", how many times have you heard this phrase. But its true that, everything in the "today" world is about "time". Thats why, today, we have more and more demands made upon us at home and at work than any time in history - tighter deadlines, more work, juggling priorities and many many more.


Do you make the most of your time or are you always chasing your tail? Do you use to-do lists? planners? And do you know what tasks and activities to focus on at any given time?


In this course, we will teach you skills and techniques to prioritise your work, how to avoid time wasting events and how to communicate what you want and what you don't want.


The course outline is as below:

                     EFFECTIVE  TIME MANAGEMENT

              TOPIC                                SUB - TOPIC
How is your Time Management

The Importance of Time Management

A Time Management Goal

Daily Activity Log

Self Test exercise.

Goal Setting

Locke and Latham's Goal Setting Theory

Clarity; Challenge

Commitment; Feedback

Task Complexity

S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Specific; Measurable

Attainable ; Realistic

Timely and Backward Goal Setting.

Tools for Prioritization

Importance vs Urgent

Paired Comparison Analysis

Grid Analysis

Pareto Analysis

Nominal Group Technique


Managing Interruptions

Take Responsibility for Interruptions you cause.

More tips for Manging Interruptions

Managing Procrastination

Defining Procrastination

Indicators off Procrastination; Why you Procrastinate

You find the task Unpleasant; You are Disorganized.

You find the tasks Overwhelming; You are a Perfectionist. 

You are having trouble Making a decision; When the tasks is Unpleasant.

Startegies for overcoming Procrastination.

When you are Disorganised; When the project Feels Overwhelming.

When you are a Perfectionist

When you are Having Trouble Making a decision


Scheduling Options

Long term Schedules

Medium Term Schedules

Short Term Schedules.









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