Effective Stress Management


" I feel so stressed out", this is a statement we hear about everyday. I sometimes think all of us have to work under alot more pressure today than at anytime in history.


Expectations are higher than ever before and the need to do "more"  with "less" is a given. Our family lives are also frantic. Add all of this together and it can cause us to be stressed and more anxious.


In this course, we will provide information, techniques and strategies to manage your stress levels. We may not be able to control the events that happen to us but we can certainly manage the meaning and the impact that they have upon us. Sit and enjoy the lessons.


The course outline is as stated below.



                                              EFFECTIVE  STRESS  MANAGEMENT

                     TOPIC                           SUB - TOPIC  RECOMMENDED STUDY TIME
Types and Causes of Stress.

The process of stress.

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

Level 1 - Physiological Needs.

Level 2 - Safety Needs.

Level 3 - Belonging Needs.

Level 4 - Ego - Status.

Level 5 - Self- Actualization

Additional types of organizational stress.

Personal sources of stress.      

 3 Hours
The Impact of Stress.

Levels of Stress.

Acute Stress ; Episodic Acute Stress.

Chronic Stress ; General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).

Warning Signs of Excessive stress at work.

How you currently cope with stress.

 2 Hours
Self-Care Methods for Reducing Stress.

Every bit helps ; Exercise

Healthy eating ; Plan for success

How you eat ; Fruits and vegetables

Additional Nutritional tips; Get plenty of sleep.

Changing your focus ; Plan for Relaxation.

 3 Hours

Reducing Stress Through Time


Creating a schedule.

Managing tasks at work

Differentiate between Urgent and Important.

Prioritize tasks

Delegate, Delegate and Delegate.


 2 Hours

Improving Emotional Intelligence to 

 reduce Workplace stress.

El at work.

Increasing self-awareness

Self- Management

Social Awareness

Relationship skills.

Reducing stress using EI.

 3 Hours
Methods for Reducing Workplace Stress 

Additional guidelines for Employees

Additional guidelines for Employers and Supervisors.

Further learning methods and techniques relating to Stress Management.

 3 Hours



  16 Hours









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