Basic Thinking Skills



No matter what kind of business you work for, nor what kind of job you do, today you are expected to apply a range of thinking skills to the work you carry out. This includes using your judgement, collecting, using and analyzing information, working with others to solve problems and being creative about how your job can function better.


Thinking skills are some of the most valuable skills you can learn today. The reason is simple. While in the past, people went to work for their Manual skills, today they go to work for their mental skills. We live in an information age, no longer an industrial age. Thats why brain has replaced brawn, and strength in thinking has replaced strength in muscles.


In this course, we will aim to train you that, whatever you think about your mental abilities or the level of your IQ or your formal education, your brain is the most powerful organ you posses. Its the tool that, if used skillfully, can help you perform better in your job better. 


By developing your thinking skills to meet the needs of the modern world, you are guaranteed to succeed.


The course outline is as illustrated below:



                       BASIC THINKING SKILLS

          TOPIC               SUB - TOPIC
What are Thinking Skills.

The potential of the Brain

Brain Power; Exlpoding the Myths

Brainworks; Brain not Brawn

Management Thinking; Thinking Matters.

Positive Thinking

Untrained Thinking

Distorted Thinking

Catastrophising ; Confusion

Distraction; Yo-yo Thinking

Self-Image; Positive Re-Framing

Expecting the Best; Your Brain wants Success.

Improve Your Memory

Synaesthesia; Landmarks

The Peg-System; Rhymes

Mnemonics ; Remembering people's Names and Repetition.

Blocks to Thinking

See things from other Points of view.

Thinking and Doing; Assumptions

Get rid of lazy Thinking Habits.

Think like a child; See the detail as well as the Big Picture

Think for Yourself; Time to think.

Logical Thinking

Left-Brain Thinking

Right-Brain Thinking

Managerial Thinking; Logical Thinking

SMART Goals; Systematic Planning

Using Information; The Limits of Information.

Creative Thinking

Think like a child

Be more Curious; Play with Ideas

Make New Connections; Be a little Illogical

Laugh more; Think outside your Limits.



A Brainstoming session and Brainwriting

An example of Brainstoming : The Honey Pot

Decision Taking

Time them ; Align them

Balance them; Act when you have to

Use a decision-making Model; Instinct

Don't decide without Acting

Keep your decision under review.

Problem Solving

The problem with Problems

The Classical Approach

Do nothing; Take your time

Sleep on it; Attack the problem

Two heads are better than one

Occam's Razor and the Five Why's


Create an Innovative Climate

Keep your eyes open; Dreams and Daydreams

Develop Washing-up Creativity

Make New Connections

Necessity is the Mother of all Innovation

Test, test, test; Adopt and Adapt and take Lessons from Nature.







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