Effective Communication Skills



ooops..!! Ever heard of these words during or after a presentation? You maybe thought, thats not me. But truth it, if you were given the chance to do the communicating, would you have done it any better? So, what does it take to become a master communicator?


Are communication skills in-born or acquired through training?


Either way, you will need to be a master communicator to get on in your studies and to progress throughout your career and life in general.


In this course, we will cover the essentials of communication and also explore hidden secrets of what being able to communicate with ease is all about.


The course outline is as illustrated below:



                                                   EFFECTIVE  COMMUNICATION  SKILLS


                                               SUB - TOPIC

Recommended Study Time

The Communication Process

The Importance of communication.

What are communication skills.

The communication Process.

Major communication elements:

Source ; Message

Encoding ; Channel

Decoding ; Receiver

Feedback ; Context ; Conclusion

 3 Hours
Perspectives in Communication 

Visual Perception.


Other factors affecting our perspective

Any past experiences.




 3 Hours


Elements of Communication.


Face to face communication

Tone of voice in communication

The body language.

Verbal communication.

Physical communication.


 2 Hours
Different Communication Styles.

The communication styles matrix.  

Direct communication style

Spirited communication style

Systematic communication style

Considerate communication style

final combined communication matrix.

 2 Hours
Effective Listening Skills


Active Listening

How to be an active listener

How to listen effectively in difficult communications situations.              

 2 Hours
Effective Writen Communication.

When to, and not to use written communication.

Formal communication.

Writting clearly and effectively.

Organisation of the message.

Available Resources.

 3 Hours



  15 Hours.








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