Presentation Skills.


No one ever said mastering the art of presentation was easy. The simple aim of developing this training guide to mastering presentation is to prove the point that; Everyone can present with flair, style and success. Everyone can be effective.


Good presentation will come more naturally to you with time and experience. In this course, we will try to help you master all the relevant presentation skills, we make you understand that professional presentation are planned and delivered to suite the purpose, audience's needs and timings.


The course is split as below:


                 PRESENTATION SKILLS.
                                     TOPIC                                  SUB - TOPIC Recommended Study Time

Ten Questions on Presentation.

Who wants you to speak and which organisation do they represent


What are their contact details.

What is the planned event.

When and where is the planned event.

How many speakers will be involved.

Whats the theme of event.

Understand your Audience's sacrifice.


 3 Hours
Mastering the Audience.

Information overload.

Audience preoccupation.
Thinking Ahead.
Noise and Audience Exhaustion.
Mastering your presentation mission.
 2 Hours
Master Your Presentation Objectives. 

Set your presentation points.

 3 hours
Know your Audience

Use titles for your Presentation

Use a theme to your presentation

Master the Introduction to your presentation

Organise your presentation for success


 2 Hours
Build better content for a masterful presentation

Make content clear.

Master your powerpoint

Don't forget the basics

Master Presentation Rehearsal


 2 Hours


Question and Answer Sessions and How to Master them.

Be prepared

Be brief and master your Anxiety

Learn to Engage your Audience

Presentation Style easily mastered

How you can master Rhetorical devices

Master the point, turn and talk presentation technique


 3 Hours





 15 Hours








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