Corporate Governance And International Business Management


Communities and their environments are increasingly impacted by any kind of organization including small, medium, large-sized, domestic or multinational, private or governmental enterprises.


The concept of governance is not a new one. It is nothing but the system by which an organization makes and implements decisions in pursuit of its objectives. While governance is the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented or not implemented.


We will be highlighting and explaining all these concepts in this course for detailed clarification.


The course break-down is as follows:




               TOPIC                                SUB - TOPICS
Introduction to Corporate Governance.


Corporate Governance

Governance system and Corporate Social Responsibilty

Relating Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Development of Codes of

Governance & International Comparisons.

Systems of Governance

Developing a framework for Corporate Governance.

Company Management

Principles of Corporate Governance

The Principles of Governance

Good Governance and Corporate Behaviour

Corporate Governance Principles

Good governance and Sustainability.

Stakeholders and The Social Contract.

The Social Contract

What is a stakeholder ; Multiple stakeholders

The classification of Stakeholders ; Shareholder Theory

Governance and Stakeholders.

Relating corporate governance and corporate social responsibilty.

Relating social responsibility with governance.


Issues Concerning Sustainability

Whats Sustainability

Sustainability and the cost of capital

Redifining Sustainability; Distributable Sustainability

Summarising sustainability; ISO 26000


Ethics, Corporate Governance

and Corporate Behavior

Ethics defined

Ethical Philosophies ; Corruption

Culture; The Gaia theory

Corporate Behaviour; Governance, Ethics and Corporate Behaviour and Corporate Reputation.

Risk Management and Corporate Governance.

Attitude to risk ; Managing risk

Risk management Strategies ; Risk Probability Profiles

A typology of risks ; Risk Analysis and the Cost of Capital.

The Capital Asset Pricing Model ; The cost of capital for business.

The Audit Function and the Role of Regulation.

The role of Audit ; The Audit committee

Agency theory and Asymmetric power

Rating Agency ; Regulation

The 2008 Financial crisis ; Failures in regulation.

Corporate Governance in Non-commercial Organisations

The role of NGO's ; Inflations and NGO's

Distinguishing features of sector ; Types of NFP Organisation

Motivation for NHP organisation ; Structure of a Charity

Accounting issues ; Governance issues in NFP's

Globalisation and Corporate Governance

Globalisation ' The concept of global governance

Global perspectives ; How globalisation affects governance

Globalisation, corporate Failures and corporate governance.







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