Project Leadership


Project work is really much the same - finding a way to reach your destination and fulfilling the project mission.


The whole purpose of this course is to elaborate on what a project leader should do when confronted with everyday problems, things that happen outside strategic plans and tactical project dispositions. The focus is on how to lead people as much as it is on how to lead systems.


This is a comprehensive course on anyone involved in project management of any kind.


The course outline is as below:



                                           PROJECT  LEADERSHIP

          TOPIC                              SUB - TOPIC
Small and Medium Sized Projects

What are SME's?

What separates the Large and Resource Consuming projects from SME's?

Creating New project Ideas.

Screening of SME's Ideas

Creating Ideas.

Ranking Ideas

Selecting the best Ideas.

Selecting the SMP's Project Leader.

what factors to consider

what qualities to consider of the leader

How to go about objectively selecting the leader.

Appointing the SMP's Core Team Members

Goals and Mission of SMP's

who makes the SMP's team

what is the mission of the SMP

what is the medium, long-term and long-term goal of the SMP.

The Role Distribution in SMP's

The theoritical roles of SMP's

The SMP master plan

The agreement and obligations in SMP's

The SMP's kickoff meetings

The Daily SMP Operations

Daily SMP technical activity

The daily social performance in SMP's

The SMP completion

How to improve the chances of SMP success

Measuring SMP support success









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