Delegation And Empowerment


Delegation and empowerement is a must for all 21st century managers.


How do you manage your staff? If you still spend alot of your time controlling others, restraining them and restricting them, you are micro-managing what is your most valuable resource. For when you cntrol others, not only is life harder for you, but you get much less in return than you could. In todays business world, you need to manage people in a way that releases their power, stretches their contribution, and adds to their value. You can't do this by restraining them. Nor can you do it by over - supervising their every move. You can only do it by empowering them.


In this course, we will show you why the old industrial ways of managing no longer work. We will explain the different ways you can delegate duties and responsibilities to others and why, when done effectively , delegation can be the best thing you ever do for your staff. We will show you the nature of power in the modern organization and why your people have more power than ever before.


The Course outline is as below:




            TOPIC         SUB - TOPICS
Managing: Old School and New School

Scientific Management

Systematic Management

People Management

Contingency Management

Managerless Management

From Directing to Delegating

The Ford Model of Management 

Management by Control

The Volvo Model of Management 

Team Management

The Nissan Model of Management 

Trust and Co-operation

How Empowerement saved Nissan

Why Delegation and Empowerment

Command -and - Tell is out ; Competitive Advantage 

We are all Managers ; Team Power

Employee Expectations ; The Power of Information 

Developing your Best Asset

The Delegation Ladder

First Steps Delegation ; Hands off Delegation

Ambassadorial Delegation ; Allocating Delegation 

Developmental Delegation ; Ownership delegation

Stewardship Delegation.

Developments Delegation

Let go of control ; Kindle the Inner spirit

Work on your Teams strengths ; Match Needs

Agree a delegation plan ; Let them fly

Keep your eyes on ; A delegation Checklist

The Nature of Power

The way you see Power ; The Two forms of Power

Impression power ; Your power to get Things Done 

How power works ; Daily acts of Empowerment

Be one of the Haves.

Empowered People

What should I know? ; You can tell

No Longer Dependent ; Its our Line

Involving People ; Resourcefull Employee Managing

Loose and Easy.

Empowering Managers

Help Others through their Doubts ; Create the Right Environment

Make Everyone more Knowledgeable ; Develop Talent

Be like a bee with Pollen ; From cop to coach

Let them Manage, you must Lead

DIY Empowerment

Break Free from the Chains of Others ; Never wait for "Them"

Change your Perceptions ; Own the Job

Be the Best ; Add value ; Zen it ; Shine your Light

The 21st Century Manager

Prophet ; Partner ; Performer

Poet ; Philosopher ; Pioneer

Persuader ; Pilgrim







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