Team Building


How important is team work in an organisation? Does it have any impact on organisational and employee performance?


In an organisation where there is no teamwork, one and one will always equal to one. But in organisations which have discovered the pluses of teamwork, one and one adds up to more.


Teambuilding means shaping your people into a productive force. It means encouraging them to work co-operatively for one with each other. It means getting them to share, not just "things" but feelings too, such as each other's successes and eact other's failures. It means letting them grow beyond your control so that they can develop their own special magic. When you transform a group of people from a group of individuals into a winning team, you create something unique and utterly unforgettable.


In this coures we aim to bring out the techniques and means in which any leader or manager of an organisation can transform individuals to one strong team.


Some of the course topics to be covered are as illustrated below:



                       TEAM BUILDING

The Nature of Teams

What is a team?

The origins of Teams ; Successful Teams

The emergence of the workplace team ; Teams are Special 

Team Development ; The Laws of the Team

Synergy ; Sam's Wagon

Team Development

The Natural life of Teams ; Forming Teams

Storming Teams ; Norming Teams

Performing ; Disbandment of teams ; Helping Teams Grow.


Sharing in Teams ; Asking for help ; The 3 A's

Valuing others in Teams ; Giving feedback

Building on others ; Taking Risks

A friendly climate for groups growth.

Team Cohesion

Team Type ; Team Size

Team Structure ; Tall Structures

Team Affinity ; Team Make - up

Team Conformity ; Team Interaction

Threats to Teamwork

Individualism ; Stars ; Passengers

Gender ; Culture; Cliques

Unresolved Conflict ; Lack of team Rewards

The Route to Expulsion

Team Leaders

Team Leaders ; The Task

Task Orientation ; The Team

Team Orientation ; The Individual

Sacrifices ; Balance and Leadership Styles


Team Roles

The Co-ordinator ; The Go - for

The Relater ; The Maverick

The Observer ; The Checker

The Moralist ; The Winner

The Leader ; The role fit

Team Meetings

Manage your meetings ; Vampire meetings ; Dialogue

Leave your ego at the Door ; Did i miss something?

Using the Triple A's ; A good discussion

Solving Problems ; Entrenchment ; Group Think 

Complacency ; Waigaya ; The Talking Stick ; When all else fails. 

Unshared Certainty to Shared


Unshared uncertainty ; Loose Links

Shared purpose ; Team First

Performing together ; Independence and Shared Uncertainty

Team Building Exercises

Icebreaks ; The Team Exercise

Team Building Exercise ; Competitive Teams Games

Adventure Exercises ; Team Projects and Team Performance






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