How to Sack an Employee.


Its not easy to send home an employee. But sometimes it becomes inevitable someone has to go home. How do you make sure that they go home in a human way!?


If you manage Employees, from time to time discipline and dismissal will be an inevitable part of your work. Employers are under a duty to follow their procedures, make a decision that is sensible and proportionate on the facts and take all mitigating circumstances into account.


In this course, we will provide guidelines that will enable you to take an employee through the disciplinary procedure, to dismissal if necessary and massively reduce the risks f a tribunal claim.


The course outline is as outlined below:



                            HOW TO SACK AN EMPLOYEE

          TOPICS                                           SUB - TOPICS

The Legal Framework ; The Reasonable Employee

Standards and Rules ; Capability and conduct

First Steps ; The Investigation

Preparation for a disciplinary Hearing 

Handling the disciplinary hearing ; Sanctions

Appeals ; Grievances raised during the discipline process


The Legal Framework

ACAS Code of Practice 1 ; ACAS : Fairness

ACAS : Disciplinary Process ; Legal Representation

Characteristics of the reasonable employer: and and Rules of Dismissal


Capability and Conduct

Capability ("can't") ; Poor Work Performance

Ill Health ; Conduct ("won't)

How to Handle an informal discussion ; Informal vs Formal discussions

The Investigation

How to carry out an Investigation ; Investigations checklist

Witnesses ; Suspension

Preparation for a Disciplinary Hearing

Chairing the Disciplinary hearing.


Is the sanction's a Reasonable Responce? ; Making the right to dismiss very clear.

Factors to consider in reaching a decision ; Totting up

Expired Warnings ; Formal Warning

Date of dismissal ; Dismissal by Letter.


Appeal Procedure ; Hearing an Appeal

Grievances raised during the discipline process

Overlapping discipline and grievances










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