Employers Guide to Recruitment


People are vital to the success of any organisation. It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices results in high labour turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. If the right people are recruited in the first place, they are likely to stay, fit into your organisation and work to optimum effect.


If the wrong people are recruited, they will either leave or engage in unsatisfactory behaviours or conduct, which means that you will have to manage them out of the business. This is time consuming and in itself carries risks.


This course will help you to recruit effectively, avoiding the common pitfalls. It sets out the legal requirements applicable during the recruitment process as well as the best practices and some useful hints and tips to help you recruit the right person for the job, saving you time, money and effort.


The topics outline are as illustrated below:



     TOPICS             SUB - TOPICS
Why Recruit

Do you really need to Recruit: Getting the Process Right

Job Descriptions and Personal Specifications ; Positive Action

Genuine occupational Requirements ; Collection data ; Health Screening

Criminal Records and Vetting ; Equal Opportunity Monitoring ; The Interview 

Interview Questions ; Testing ; Assessment Centers.

Recruitment Process

Reasons to Recruit ; Alternatives to Recruitment 

Planning a successful Recruitment Process ; Identifying the most appropriate search Procedure. 

Plan the Recruitment process, Interviewers and timescales.

Request information on experience, skills and qualifications.

Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

What to include in a job description.

What should be included in a person specifications?

Essential vs Desirable criteria.

Genuine Occupational Requirements

Trawling the Market ; What to include in a Job advertisement

Attracting the right candidates ; What about asking for experience

What are genuine occupational requirements ; Examples of genuine Occupational Requirements .


Positive Action

Attracting more applicants from under-represented groups; 

Positive Discrimination.

Positive action under the Equality  and other Labour Laws.

Criminal Records and Vetting

Applicatioon forms vs CV's ; To interview or not to Interview

Criminal Records Bureau ; Vetting and Barring Schemes

Shortlisting process.

Equal Opportunity Monitoring

Health checks after an offer has been made ; Reasonable adjustment.

Exceptions ; Why Monitor?

Relevant Data for Decision Making ; Express permission ; Security of data ; The Employment Practices Code 

The Interview

Prepairing for the Interview ; Stages of the Interview

Common Mistakes  ; After the Interview

The do's and don'ts of questioning; Types of questions.

Testing and Assessment Centers

Reasonable adjustments for candidates with a disability

Ensuring there is no taint of unlawful discrimination ; Psychometric Testing. 

Why Use assessment centers ; What happens at an assessment center? Observations and feedback and other Pre- employment checks. 








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