Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis



When a company issues out shares in the stock market, it has no direct involvements with the shares subsequent transactions on the capital market, or the prices at which they are traded. These matters are for negotiation between existing shareholders and prospective investors, based on their investment and financial needs.


The company however plays a pivotal agency role through its implementation of investment - financing strategies designed to maximise profits and shareholder wealth. What management do to satsfy these objectives and how the market reacts are ultimately determined by the laws of supply and demand. If corporate returns exceed market expectations, share price should rise and vice versa.


But in a world where ownership is divorced from control, characterised by economic and geo-political events that are also beyond managements's control, this invites a question? 


These questions and more, will be explored more in the full course on analysing the viability of an investment to any invester. The course is designed to give basic and full information on how to go about determining the true value or worth of any share or security in the market.


You dont need to have any advanced knowledge on shares to understand and apply all the techniques discussed in this course:


Some of the topics covered includes:


  •  Basic Introduction to Finance.


  •  Risk and Portfolio Analysis


  •  The Optimum Portfolio.


  •  The Muilt-Asset Portfolio


  •  The Market Portfolio


  •  The CML and SML and Quantitative Analysis


  •  Systematic and Unsystematic Risks.




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