Enterprise Risk Management



Today, more and moore enterprises with innovative, complicated technologies and sensitive know-how work at an international level. The greater, the stage becomes on which they move and the more complicated the role they play, the more numerous become the traps which potentially endanger the achievements of the enterprises' aims. Hence, raised attention and suitable instruments to play this game are, especially in a difficult economic sphere more than ever before.


The combination of fast communication and a wider spread of the effects of errors are responsible for the call for risk management at an enterprise level. Company scandals like those of Enron, Swissair and AIM have devastated the stock market and diminished the overall value of stocksby billions of dollars.


Trust in the controlling ability of the auditors with regard to stock market supervision has been lost. Pension funds, the big financiers of the 21st century, require transparency in the form of a professional evaluation of the business risks and an open communication of the most important dangers which a business might face.


Risks therefore, should no longer be regarded isolated, but be identified, analyzed and controlled within the framework of all interacting risks.


In this course, we will be covering more on this intertwinness of risks affecting different businesses.


Some of the topics to be covered in this course includes:


  •  Risks and Opportunities.


  •  Risk Management compaired against Enterprise Risk Management.


  •  Surbanes Oxley Act.


  •  Corporate Governance Codes


  •  Coso I and COSO II


  •  The Enterprise Risk Management Framework.


  •  Risk Identification.


  •  Risk Analysis.


  •  Risk Response.


  •  Risk Control.


  •  Risk Culture.



This course is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the basics of business risks in simple precise and comprehensive meaning of Business Risks.






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