Costs Classification & Analysis


Business is tough, profits are illusive, and competition has a habit of moving into areas where profits are available. And, sometimes, business owners become frustrated because revenue growth only seems to bring on waves of additional expenses, even to the point of making losses finally.


How does one realistically assess the viability of a business? This is perhaps the most critical business assessment a manager must make. Most of us are taught from an early age to do our best and not give up even in the face of adversity.


But, it is equally important to note that some business models will not work. A good manager shoould be able to use information to make informed decisions about which business prospects to pursue. Managerial accounting methods provide techniques for evaluating the viability and ability to grow or scale a business. These techniques are called cost-volume-profit analysis (CVP).


Some of the courses we will be covering in this course includes:


  •  The Nature of Costs.

  •  Business Implications of the fixed cost structures.

  •  Cost Behaviour Analysis.

  •  Break - Even and Target Income.

  •  Contribution Margin : Aggregated, per Unit or Ratio.

  •  Critical Thinking about CVP.

  •  Sensitivity Analysis.

  •  Per Unit Revenue Shifts

  •  CVP for Multiple products.


and many more courses.


You can access all these courses and more here online.


This is a must enroll course for anyone who wants to learn how to manage their costs and take care of their business profitability.






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