International Financial Reporting



The Annual Report is a publication that fulfills the regulatory requirements of reporting the Financial Performance and situation of a reporting entity and, at the same time, is also used for wider corporate communication purposes.


Whether you are the decision maker in, or you are contributing to the decision of, selecting a business partner or a supplier or a client, you will find that being able to have an informed insight in the financial performance and position of these third parties that you are considering is rather useful. You can be a project manager, responsible for a product line, or an independent consultant interested in making your own opinion about the current solidity and future perspective of a business with which you are considering collaborating with.


Upon completing this course, the reader should be able to read and interpret any annual report based on International Accounting Standards and, even though they might still lack the full knowledge of unusual or even very technical information, they should be able to make their own informed opinion about the financial performance, situation and perspective of the reporting entity that published that annual report.


Some of the topics to be covered includes:


  •  The International Financial Reporting Standards.


  •  Financial Statements prepaired under IFRS.


  •  Balance Sheets; Its Contents and Information Aims.


  •  Income Statements : Its Contents and Information Aims.


  •  Cash Flow Statements : Its Contents and Information Aims.


  •  Statements of Changes in Equity : Its contents and Information Aims.


  •  Analysis and Interpretation of the Annual Report.


This course is aimed at anyone, with or without basic Accounting Knowledge, interested in reading and making sense of corporate annual reports. Also students trained in bookkeeping might find this course useful and quite insightfull in their work.







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