Improving Your Writing Skills


When you start a new business, create your own blog or make a decision to build a list of subscribers and market your informational products to them, one skill you will have to learn is online communication.


In a world where communication is paramount to survival, you can not risk sending out ineffectively written communications to your customers, clients or your readers. Having a way with words is no longer enough to have your message found, opened and read. To achieve your business and career goals, you will have to become a pro at communicating even online.


And this is exactly what "Improving Your Writing Skills" will allow you to do. Course outilne is as highlighted below.



                                       IMPROVING YOUR WRITING SKILLS

      TOPICS                 SUB - TOPICS
Understanding Your Audience

Difference between Online Writing and Print

Questions to address with your writing ; Communication Triangle

Who are you Writing to? Creating Readers Avatar ; Writing with Purpose ; Finding your Voice . 

Creating Connection with Your Readers

Reasons to connect with your readers 

3 Infallible steps to creating Instant Connection ;

Golden Ratio of Trust ;  Give First

Online Writing

Guidelines for Effective Online Communication.

Writing for people and search engines ; What is SEO?

Why SEO Techniques are making Writing Profitable ; How to Optimise your Content for Search Engines . 

Intelligent Creation of Micro-Content

Rules for Creating Eye - Catching Headlines.

Do's and Dont's of Headlines.

20 Best Headline Formulas that work.

The tricks of Email Marketing

Getting your Email opened :Writing a Compelling Subject Line.

How to make your subject Line Spam-Filter-Proof.

5 Must follow rules of email writing; Double - check your meassage: the three "U" Criteria.











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