Management Decision Making



It is a common belief, when trying to understand decision making, to view it as equivalent to problem solving. However, it must be remembered that decisions are often taken without a clear problem being resolved or driving the decision making process.


Clearly, decision making and problem solving are related, but they are not interchangeable terms. Decision making occurs when a judgement must be made between the merits and demerits of different choices processes, whereas problem solving generates the choice processes in the first place. In presenting an overview of decision making, we can also then begirn to consider the antecedent environmental factors that shape decision making.


In decision making processes, we will always try to analyse such questions as:

  •  What are the Decisions taken?

  •  What was the Process to the Decision?

  •  What are the Risks associated with the decision made?


Organisational decisions can have different characteristics, which shape how they can be understood and resolved by managers. Some of these of decisions includes:


  •  Structured Decisions - These are decisions where the aim is clear.

  •  Unstructured Decisions - These are ambigous, poorly understood decisions.

  •  Programmable Decisions - They are types of structured which follow clear, delineated steps and procedure


and many more others.


The course outline of the topics to be covered in this course includes:


  •  The Modelling Decisions.

  •  Data Forecasting Techniques

  •  Developing Rational Models with Quantitative Methods and Analysis.

  •  Probability Distribution and Queuing Theory

  •  Developing Holistic Models with Quantitative Methods and Analysis

  •  The Role of Individuals in Decision Making

  •  The Role of groups in Decision Making.


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