Problem Solving Skills


When it comes to handling difficult people problems that affect the health, productivity and well being of employees, past models of telling people what to do, followed by discipline and ultimately punishments such as dismissal, are no longer acceptable. Using a professional approach, with the use of known skills that work, and which treat people with dignity, respect and valuing, is the only course that can succeed. This is the promise and reward that comes from learning the skills of the counselling approach.


One of the key roles that managers play is to help their staff deal with problems that get in the way of them working at full effectiveness. These may be work-based problems, home-based problems, or life-change problems. When the manager uses "the counselling approach", he or she stands the best chance of helping their staff resolve these problems, not by finding answers for them, but by skillfully steering them towards their own answers. 


In this course, we will be taking a counselling approach towards problem solving, we will highlight important skills and techniques which the manager needs to understand and apply in helping employees solve all their work related and non-work related problems.


The course guideline is as illustrated below:


                                 PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS

         TOPICS                  SUB - TOPICS
The Counselling Approach

What is the Counselling Approach?

Problems at work ; People Maintenance ; Work Place Problems

The Manager as Helper;

Emotional Intelligence

Principles of the Counselling Approach

Awareness, Acceptance and 


Discussing Issues ; Refusing to Budge

Giving people feedback ; Jewels in their Crown

Jewels in our Crown ; Acceptance

Individual Growth

Trust ; Bind and Bond ;  Autonomy

Initiative ; Digging a Trench ; Kicking to its feet ; Identity

The Sting of a Scorpion ; Intimacy ; Generativity

The Acorn Planter ; Integrity ; The New Emperor; counselling and Growth.

Dispositions of Counselling

Warmth ; Empathy ; Specificity ; Genuiness

Confidentiality ; Professional Distance ; 

The Touch of Integrity ; Self-Renewal

The Counselling Interview

Aims ; Preparation ; Environment

Role ; Stages ; Process

Follow Up.

The Art of Listening

Stop, Look and Listen ; Take yourself out of Things

Look through a Window, not a Mirror ; Stay Tuned in even when you dont like the Music.

Turn-ons and Turn-offs ; Be Alert, Alive and Attentive

Take your time ; Detective Listening ; Respond to the Moment

Questions for Meaning and Understanding

Questions for Information ; Questions for Confirmation and Responce. ; Questions for Understanding ; Bringing Things Out In the Open.

Point out the Discrepancies ; Incongruence ; Link the Contradictions ; 

Not getting in their Way ; Challenging Faulty Thinking

People Problems

Referrals ; Specialist Help ; Follow - Throughs

Performance Problems ; Sickness Absence ; Bereavement Counselling

Personal Relationships.












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