Research Methods


What do we really mean by Research Methods?

Some authors and academic writers have defined Research "Methods" as specific activities designed to generate data (eg, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observation) and Research "Methodology" is more about your attitude to and your understanding of research and the strategy you choose to answer research questions.


In business, and for academic research, the question we ask must be valid and fair, relating directly to our need for information, in other words our research must have a clear objective purpose. We aare not collecting information for its own sake.


We must also collect that information (data) in a fair and systemic way. For example, we should think about who we ask for information, and how they will understand our question. If we cannot ask everyone involved, then we must be able to justify why we ask only a certain section of that population.


In this course, we will put on the hat of a manager, research consultant, for which we will prepaire you to imagine yourself having to answer questions in real-time, be able to carry out research to answer vital questions for business you are in.


Some of the topics to be covered in this course includes:


  •  Research Problems and questions.


  •  Putting the Problem into Context : Identifyong and Criticaly reviewing Relevant Literature.


  •  Choosing Research approaches and Strategies.


  •  Ethics in Business Research.


  •  Choosing Samples from population.


  •  Collectig and analysing Quantitative Data.


  •  Questionnaire Design and Testing.


  •  Using Secondary Data.


  •  Practical Issues in Conducting Interviews, focus groups, Participant Observation.


  •  Forecasting Trends.


  •  Presenting Research Reports.


This course is a must have for anyone involved in decision making process, students undertaking academic projects, managers who needs to make vital decisions that have an impact into the success of the business. Its a course so open ended that, it includes practical aspects of day to day decision making process. You can enroll or purchase this course by following the contacts below.







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