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Sukuul Online Learning Outsource - SOLO.


On this page, we will Endeavour to connect you with credible Educational Institutions in the world that offerCertificate, elementary level, advanced level, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and PhD level courses all conducted online.


All the Educational Institutions available on this site page do conduct their courses online, unless stated otherwise.



Sukuul Online Learning Outsource(SOLO), is an Online or eLearning outsource provider to educational Institutions in all levels of education system, from Ordinary Level, Advanced Level, Colleges and University Institutions. We endavor to partner with learning institutions to deliver vigorous tuition class programes online. We have a team of dedicated qualified educational and technological gurus , we provide institutions with technologies, Infrastructural and logistical support they need to transform their on-campus or On-class Programes into high-quality, web-based programes. We empower institutions to expand without using Brick and Mortar.


What we Provide:


  •  Technology - At Sukuul, we develop state-of-art technology platforms that give institutions the ability to deliver traditional offline courses in unique customised and friendly online learning environment.


  •  System Design - at Sukuul, we work closely with Institutions to translate classroom courses into a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online and real world experiences using the best educational and social technologies available. We work closely with teachers, lecturers and tutors to evolve the courses into user-friendly online materials.


  •  Infrastructural Support - We provide the support infrastructure and the logistical components of our Institutional partners online programmes. The institution does not worry at all about the infrastructural requirements and support, since Sukuul does take care of all that.


  •  Guardians/Parents Support - Sukuul set-up is designed in such a way that we support parents and guardians in the students learning process. This is where we enable the parents to get involved directly in the learning process of the students.


  •  Easy Expansion and Growth - with Solo platform, educational institutions are able to to expand Internationally and regionally with learning being made possible through online tutor students virtual interaction. Something that use of Mortar and brick as an expansion mechanism cannot offer.


For more information on how to get your Institution connected by SOLO and get skuuled, you can drop us an email in our "talk to us" section. Or you can drop us an email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To Check the list of all Institutions already connected or skuuled with us, click here.