Sukuul Digital Literacy Program

Your Education Technology Partner of Choice!

Why Technology?

Adopting quickly to technology as a school is crucial to enhance educational experiences, improve administrative efficiency and equip students with essential digital skills for their future success in a technology-driven world.


Get daily communication. Making communication easy, efficient and digital within the school community.

My Classes.

Access your daily homework activities from your class teacher. Integrating Digital Technology in the Learning Process.

My eLibrary.

Promoting and building a Reading culture. Making Reading a habit by providing every child a story book in hands.

My Assessment Reports.

Get access to all your class assessments, report cards, progress reports and Specialization Pathways Mapping.

Sukuul-A.I Revision Center.

Experince the power of AI in all you revision and class work. Having a teacher at a click of a button.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the education technology landscape. Having us as your partner in technology is a guarantee to keep you ahead of the rest in the ever changing world of technology for the future. 

Best Industry Leaders

We dont just provide you technology, but we also train and support your school community per excellence.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

With technology transforming our daily lifes, with Sukuul, you are assured learning will take place anywhere anytime.

Anchor for the Future.

When everything around us is changing daily, you need to adopt to the changing needs and demands of the future.